Markos Moulitsas: Bad math for the Kochs

As of a few weeks ago, groups affiliated with the Koch brothers had already aired 44,000 ads attacking Democrats, most on the subject of the Affordable Care Act. You’d think billionaires would focus their political “investment” in a manner that would bear huge dividends, but thus far, the Kochs’ big bet appears to be a loser.Charles and David Koch’s obsession with 
“ObamaCare” certainly isn’t resonating. Despite spending tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars attacking the new healthcare law, people have essentially tuned out their efforts.The ratio of anti- to pro-Affordable Care Act (ACA) ads is likely more than 1,000-to-1. No outside political group is defending the law on the airwaves, and just a handful of candidates have — briefly — done so. Yet when the Kaiser Family Foundation asked poll respondents whether they saw more ads in favor of the ACA, more opposed, or about the same on both sides, only 20 percent said they saw more ads opposed to the law. Half the poll respondents say they couldn’t remember seeing any anti-ACA ads, and nearly a quarter claimed they’d seen an equal number from both sides.Ouch.Read More.Source: The Hill/Markos Moulitsas