The real reason behind Rick Scott's infamous debate tantrum

There's enough posts here, including Rec diaries and a front page article, of the sheer stupidity of Rick Scott storming off a debate over a fan.  Even the moderators called it "trivial" and "bizarre".To be clear, the rules said no electronic devices, which means tablets, iphones, or wired transmitters (ala Bush's first debate with Kerry). It does not mean items like a watch or, worse, a freaking FAN: items that do not transmit/receive information.Bottom line: after a ton of boos, along with a few good zingers Crist mocked him with,  Rick Scott was shamed into coming out.Even more bizarre than refusing to debate Crist over a fan was Rick Scott's bizarre response that he never did refuse to debate over a fan ---after he did just that.You really can't appreciate how awkward and unprepared Rick Scott was unless you watch this.  If you don't have youtube, be thankful.  It's painful to watch.Read More.Source: Daily Kos