UPDATE: Two Tallahassee groups ask for criminal probes into Scott's handling of FDLE

(UPDATE: At 5:26 p.m., Gov. Rick Scott's office issued a response to this post: "These allegations are false," said Tim Cerio, General Counsel, in an email from spokeswoman Jackie Schutz.)Two Tallahassee non-profits, the non-partisan watchdog group Integrity Florida and the liberal advocacy group Progress Florida, are asking for criminal investigations into Gov. Rick Scott's oversight of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.On Wednesday, Integrity Florida asked the FBI to investigate allegations that Scott's office pressured the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to falsely name the Orange County Clerk of Courts as a target of a criminal investigation.Gerald Bailey, who was forced out as FDLE commissioner in December, told the Times/Herald last week that Scott's office pressured him to claim that the acting clerk of court in Orange County, Colleen Reilly, was the target of a 2013 FDLE criminal inquiry. Bailey said that when he refused, a Scott aide stormed out of his office.In an interview Tuesday, officials with the Orange County Clerk of Courts office said the FDLE never considered charging anyone in the 60-person criminal division in the investigation. The FDLE won't comment."The allegations made by former Commissioner Bailey are troubling," said Dan Krassner, executive director of Integrity Florida said in a release.  "While the public should not rush to judgment, this is a serious matter that merits a federal investigation."Read More.Source: Tampa Bay Times/Michael Van Sickler